Muerte Pan Alley


Clunk and Sputter, the new album from Muerte Pan Alley, released November, 2014. Buy it here. Look for it on iTunes. Listen to it on Spotify or Rdio. 

The Soundtrack to Intersection

"A surreal, hallucinatory soundtrack for a heat-warped American West somewhere between nowhere and hell." (4 stars)

- MOJO magazine.

Als ik de meest bijzondere plaat die ik de laatste tijd heb gehoord moet kiezen, hoef ik niet heel lang na te denken. Dit is immers zonder enige twijfel The Soundtrack To Intersection & Music For Inside The Ku Klux Klan van Bob Keelaghan & Muerte Pan Alley. 

- De Krente Nuit de Pop, Netherlands

Clunk & Sputter

This, my dear listeners, is an assortment of songs of such profound randomness, that I dare call it a work of art worthy of inclusion in the Louvre. Either that, or I’m just really lazy.
- KVRX, Austin, TX

It is quite unlike anything I’ve heard for many years ... Forget trios like Cream or Hendrix...In many respects, Muerte Pan Alley have taken the true essence of the Blues, the angst, the joy, the hopelessness and the hope and translated that into a modern idiom. The band are a Canadian roots trio and this, their debut album, is akin to hill country Blues played by mountain men, partying to the fore at every opportunity. 
- Blues Matters, England