Muerte Pan Alley


Clunk and Sputter, the new album from Muerte Pan Alley, released November, 2014. Buy it here. Look for it on iTunes. Listen to it on Spotify or Rdio. 

July 13, 2015

Inside the Ku Klux Klan Documentary Soundtrack Features Muerte Pan Alley Members

A provocative new documentary detailing the exploits of a current chapter of the KKK in the southern U.S. airs on Channel 4 in England today. Muerte Pan Alley's Bob Keelaghan wrote a big portion of the original score at the request of filmmaker Dan Vernon. Bassist Rob Oxoby also appears on some of the compositions. In addition, the soundtrack features Muerte antecedents Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir and Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy, as well as Black Mountain and Miraculous Mule.

Vernon spent seven months following KKK members in several American states following the shooting death of Michael Brown and the ensuing riots in Ferguson, Missouri. He won a BAFTA award for a previous effort and recently worked with Idris Elba on the documentary Mandela, My Dad, and Me.

June 25, 2015

Good Words About Muerte Pan Alley's Clunk & Sputter

Forget trios like Cream or Hendrix...Muerte Pan Alley have taken the true essence of the Blues, the angst, the joy, the hopelessness and the hope and translated that into a modern idiom. 
Blues Matters, England 

…Gritty blues pickin', folky mountain banjo string acrobatics, stomp and crash percussion, off-the-rails country strums, upright pluck and thump, and unruly junkyard roots rock bits…. 
- 4/5, No Depression, U.S.A. 

… A lot of creative panache… that make for an exciting ride., Germany

That place is a weird and wonderful one, with Muerte Pan Alley dredging up all of the best bits from a varied and influential career while still being its own thing. The trio cough up a gnarled blur of folk, blues, country, metal and rock on Clunk and Sputter…. 
Calgary Herald, Canada 

Elke song van Muerte Pan Alley spreekt tot de verbeelding zowel omwille van de hyperkinetische tempo’s als de onderliggende Mississippi groove wanneer er even adem wordt gehaald. Je kan hun eigen soundomschrijving alleen maar bijtreden : bluescountryrock ‘past-present-and-futur’ maar dan met een bijhorende punkattitude!, Belgium

I haven't decided if Clunk & Sputter is better for inducing hangovers or soothing them.
- Al C. from The Von Zippers


Feb. 23, 2015

We just found out that Intersection, this here short film we did a bunch of the soundtrack for, debuts next month at the Vail Film Festival in Colorado (March 26-29). Isn't Colorado the state of film festivals? Isn't that the slogan on the Colorado license plate?  We like Intersection. It's a smart film. Hopefully, you'll eventually get a chance to see it at a film festival near you. Later this year some of that soundtrack will probably be available for purchase. In the meantime, here is a clip. 

Feb. 23, 2015

This gig goes down on March 13 at the downtown Legion in Calgary. Great venue. It's a fundraiser (party) for the Animated Objects Festival. Details are on the poster below. Dig.

Jan. 27, 2015

Clunk & Sputter is #10 on the Earshot national Canadian campus radio Folk/Bllues/Roots chart. Ain't that dandy? It is.

Dec. 10, 2014

Clunk & Sputter is now fully downloadable from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, and just about any other digital retailer. Browse. Buy. Enjoy. You're welcome.

Clunk & Sputter is available from CD Baby and Alliance Entertainment. Buy a CD or a download via the store below. Yes, indeed.

Nov. 12, 2014                         Here's the preview track from Clunk & Sputter, "Rich Man's Grave". Enjoy.